Monday, June 26, 2017

A Little New Data on Reasons People Give for Divorce

Given that I recently wrote both about the average duration of marriages before divorce and also reasons people give for divorce, I thought I'd mention this chunk of new data from Britain.

The data come from a new release by Britain's Office of National Statistics, covered in numerous outlets such as this article in The Daily Express: Divorce rate: Splits in Britain PLUMMET by more than a third since numbers peaked in 2003.

On the subject of reasons people give for divorcing, the article above notes that 37 percent of husbands and 52 percent of wives noted that their spouse had acted unreasonably enough to want to divorce. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons for unreasonableness, such as those I covered in the earlier piece.

Further, as often noted in the U. S. as well, women were the most likely to want to end it, with 62 percent of divorces decress sought by wives.

As for duration of marriages until divorce, the article noted that marriages were lasting an average of 11.9 years. Note that this is an average. My last entry about this subject was more about the most typical year people end marriages, not the average duration of them.