Thursday, December 19, 2013

Does Parental Divorce Not Matter for the Children of Middle Class and Wealthy Couples?

In a piece at the Institute for Family Studies, Brad Wilcox takes on the notion that divorce is no big deal--when it comes to life consequences--for relatively richer children.  It is an excellent piece, which you can read here:  Even for Rich Kids, Marriage Matters

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Marriage and Murder: An Excellent Piece by Katy Steinmetz

Katy Steinmetz writes for Time Magazine. She wrote an insightful blog this weekend about the newlywed couple who made the news recently when the new bride pushed her new groom off a cliff at Glacier National Park.

No one gets married to experience tragedy, though things often do not turn out nearly as well as people hope. Steinmetz does a great job of assembling ideas from relationship researchers (including yours truly) to explain how some marriages can start off, so thoroughly, on the wrong foot. 

You can read her piece here:  From Wedding to Funeral: When Being Newlywed Leads to Murder, Not Bliss


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who Cheats?

I have a new posting at the Institute of Family Studies, out today.

You can go to it here.  It is a very nice reworking of a number of posts earlier this year here where I look at a study from our team on infidelity in unmarried relationships.