Saturday, February 6, 2016

Giving Up Options Before Making a Choice--a 24 Minute Audio on The Risks of Sliding

If you are interested in a 24 minute talk on how Sliding (vs Deciding) can lead to losing options before making a choice, I have a new audio for you. Click here. That will take you to a recording of a talk I gave yesterday at an event at the University of Denver. The talk might be just what someone you know needs to know to make wise choices in dating, romance, and marriage.

In the talk, I discuss:

  • Puppy Love
  • The ambiguity of relationships in this age
  • Sliding vs. Deciding
  • A brief review of findings on cohabitation before marriage (and why it is especially more risky for some people, at least before engagement)
  • How people are often giving up options before making a choice
  • The nature of commitment and the anchoring force of decisions
If you want to watch (and not just hear) the Relationship DUI video I use during the talk, it is here.